Top 10 tips to choose best Template for new Blog

tips to choose best blogger template

Many new bloggers that have less blogging knowledge and SEO skills are worried about their blog's progress. They spend enough time to make their blog progressive and better in rank but all of their struggles show not enough. Most of them are completely unaware of "what step they should take to start reputed blogging ?" Here we will discuss the very necessary and the main factor that really means a lot to make a blog progressive.
That main factor is blog Template. The blog template matters a lot to make a blog's rank high and qualitative. It is necessary for newbies to get awakened by "which one is the best template for their blog ?"

Top 10 tips to choose best Template for your new blog

Following are the necessary points that should be known before choosing a template for your new blog.

1. Template should be Responsive

What does it mean? Responsive Templates are those which support all the Laptops' displays, Personal computers' displays as well as all the mobile devices' displays. Yes, the template should be responsive that can be used on any device. If you choose the responsive template for your website, that means your blog is able to use on any device easily.
You can find some responsive templates here: Click here.
To check either your template is responsive or not Click here

2. Template should be well Structured

What does it mean? Structured template means that the template exists the unique type of proper Tags in it that defines more about it's every and each object used in it. So, the crawlers can make more sense about your blog. That is the tip for on-page SEO as well. You can markup your template with that tags manually but it's quite difficult for the newbies. So, you can get the ready made templates under the search of phrase " SEO friendly blog templates " or you may Click here.
Learn more about Structured data markup here.

3. Template should contain easy Navigation system

There should be the easy navigation system that the user can easily understand and access each and every portion/page of your blog. Each content should be well categorized by the blog owner. 

4. Avoid the excessive use of scripts in template

Don't ever use the unnecessary scripts in a template. More use of scripts will take more time to be loaded. It will make the blog's speed slow and that effects on SEO factor as well. So, avoid the excessive use of scripts.
  • Try to avoid app installation.
  • Try to avoid the use of plugins.

5. Use minimized CSS codes in template

Don't ever use the unnecessary and big description titles in CSS codes. That also increases the size of page and effects the blog's loading speed.
/* ---------------------------------------that is not good practice----------------------------*/
/* that is good practice */
Use a very handy tool to Minify or Beautify CSS code. Click here

6. Avoid to use more Sidebar Widgets

Don't ever overload the sidebar with unnecessary widgets. Try to use the essential sidebar widgets only. That will make your blog's layout simple and easily understandable for the users. 

7. Check the speed of template's demo version first

Every template you buy or download free for your blog has it's demo version as well. You should check it's loading speed before to choose it for your new blog.
To check the speed and analyze other aspects of template use the tool: Click here

8. Avoid to use Pop-up pages

Try to avoid the pop-up pages on the blog. That practice creates the very bad impression on users. That pop-up windows also take the time to load and disturb the users' browsing experience. Don't use the pop-up ads as well.

9. Use Appropriate Font size

Use the fonts of proper size that can be observed easily. The best font size is 16px; (minimum).

10. Use 404 error page in template

Use of 404 error page in the template is good practice. That defines the users about the wrong or absent page link on your blog very clearly. You should provide a search bar on 404 error page that the user can search his keywords again, provide the link to your blog's homepage as well. The user will definitely spend some more time to complete his search on your blog instead of getting confuse in between unknown URL errors.


Above all tips are essential to know before to choose the best template for the new blog. The blog template with that optimizations can make more progress in short time. If you have any conclusion so kindly do mention in the comment section below.
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