Top 10 helping tools for Bloggers and Web-developers

top 10 helping and useful tools for bloggers

If you have started blogging/web-development and you want to make the experience progressive, reputed and pure so there are many tools available that can help you out. Official bloggers use that tools to make their blog and blog's contents vital and unique. Here I will introduce the set of quite helping and mostly using tools. These tools will definitely make your blogging/web-development experience easy and lead.

Top 10 helping and essential tools for Bloggers and Web-developers

Following are the tools, download links and brief description about them individually:

1. ColorPick Eyedropper Chrome extension

colorpick eyedropper useful tool for bloggers

ColorPick Eyedropper chrome extension is used to pick the color from any corner of the opened web page. It will give you the HTML code of color that you pick. You can even pick the minor visible colors because it's Picker Pointer climbs that portion perfectly.
Download the extension from here.

2. Compress JPG/PNG/PDF

compresspng useful tool for blogger

It is essential to compress the images before their use in articles. That is the basic on-page SEO factor as well. That practice reduces the size of the blog page and speeds up the page in loading. To compress the .png and .jpg images, you can use that best online tool.
Bookmark the tool now

3. Responsinator

Responsinator is an online tool to check whether your designed widgets for your blog are responsive or not. Check how your article page looks on mobile devices or tablets.
Check the tool.
responsinator useful and helping tool for bloggers

4. Google loading Page speed testing tool

google speed checker useful tool for bloggers

Test the loading speed of blog pages and identify issues that slow down the loading speed for mobile and PC by using that awesome Google loading Page speed testing tool. It defines all the factors that affect the page loading speed and also describes you to resolve them.

5. Adobe Illustration

useful adobe tool for bloggers

Adobe Illustration tool is simply very awesome. You can create the Flat design images for use in articles with that tool. It is the little bit tough to use and some knowledge is required to create the images. But you can learn all the aspects of that tool through video tutorials easily. Once you get able to use that tool, you can build the design you want.
Download from here

6. Grammarly

grammarly useful tool for bloggers

Grammarly inspects the spells we use in articles, suggests the synonyms for words, makes the correction for sentences' structures and many more. It provides all the necessary tools to make a content flashing and mistake free. Grammarly has it's free app for Andriod and software for windows 10 desktops as well. Once you "switch on" the Grammarly for web pages using Grammarly extension, it highlights all the spell mistakes simultaneously and suggests the synonyms for the words.
Get it from here.


Keywordtool is the best Google alternative keywords planner. It will provide you the stats about all the keywords that are in Google's top search. It also provides you the top searching keywords on yahoo, bing, amazon and app-store as well. Not it is comfortable to plane the unique and trending keywords with that tool.
Click here to access it.

8. Buzzsumo

buzzsumo tool for bloggers

Buzzsumo is the content analyzer tool that explains about a content and it's position. It also reveals the trending and attractive topics for a content. One of the best features of BuzzSumo is Content research feature and Competitive research.
Check it out.

9. Google Structure-data markup tool

google data markup tool for bloggers

Google structure-data markup tool helps in structuring the article by adding tags in the article. That tags help the Crawlers to understand the article more clearly and intensely. There is no need to remember that tags all the time. Create your article, use the tool and mark them by selecting its components individually.
Use the tool.

10. Buffer

buffer useful tool for bloggers

Now it is quite easy to share the updates of your blog/web on all social media platforms at same time. Add your social media accounts, create an attractive message with the link to your new post and share on all the accounts. Schedule your customized post, let the buffer know that how many times you want to post it in a day/week through your accounts and watch the charm.
Try it for free now.


These are all the frequently using tools that a professional Blogger or Web developer does. Some of the tools are with premium packages only but you can avail the trial period first. Use that tools and make your blogging experience professional and smooth. Kindly mention the tools, you notice more useful and helping, in the comment section. Give your feedback.
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