Top 10 tips to write an On-Page SEO friendly blog post

top 10 tips on how to make a blog post on-page seo friendly

Writing a perfect post is an onerous task. Behind every classic post, there is the professional publisher who has some techniques, using them he makes the post perfect and search engines' friendly. But, a newbie, who is unaware of that factors, can't write a perfect winning post without grasping that major points.
There are several major points that necessarily should be in your mind before you write a post if you are a newbie. That major points make the post truly perfect. These all factors regard to on-page search engine optimization. That practice influences the readers and makes the good impact on search engines as well.
In today's article, we will discuss:

Top 10 tips to write an On-Page SEO friendly post

Following are the Top 10 factors that should be in mind before to write a perfect post:

No.1: Media presentations

Visual presentations play an important role to make a post engaging. Mostly, the bloggers use pictorial presentations to define various aspects visually. That also practiced as an on-page search engine optimization phase.
There should be the balanced use of images, videos and slides in the post. At least, one image is quite important that should be related to the post's topic. That makes the users more judgemental. Pictorial presentations allow you to share your article on various specific visual social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Stumbleupon etc. So, you can earn traffic from that platforms by sharing your attractive pictorial presentations that are related to your post.
Another factor: Use your keywords under "alt tag" of images. As the crawlers can't see the images as a human can see. They make their comprehensions by reading the defined "Alt Tag". That can help in inducing traffic through "Image search" of search engines as well.
<img src="xxxx" alt="your keyword here"/>
Always try to create your own unique pictorial presentations. Using different tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and many other online editors, you can create your own glorious and unique images for your blog post.
Note: Name the images properly and set an appropriate title as well. Must share them on visual social media and earn traffic. 

No.2: Keywords highlighting

Following are the tips to use the keywords in the post that the search engine can assume your targeted keywords efficiently.
  • Try to choose long tail keywords. Long tail keywords help the users to access your post who search deeply.
  • Choose the keywords that are less competitive.
  • Use the tools to plan your keywords (Google keywords planner, KeywordTool, SemRush ).
  • Must use your keywords in post Title.
  • Use the targeted keywords in the post URL (if possible).
  • Use the keywords under H1 and H2 tag at least for once.
  • Use the keywords in post description.
  • Use the keywords under "Alt tag" of images.

No.3: Headings

Use the heading tags in writing a post but in the logical way only. Don't try to use descriptive material under heading tags ever. There should not be the use of H1 tag more than two or three times. Keep the flow from H1 to H5 while using heading tags in the post. Must use your keywords under H1 and H2 heading tags at least for once.
These are heading tags:






No.4: Length of post

Try to collect the enough information regarding the post topic before to write a post. Assemble the informative material that you collected and write an informative post. Define the topic in the most natural way i-e use your own comfortable way of communication. The post should contain at least 800-1000 words so the search engines can well understand the subject of the post. You may write the post holding more words than that limit.

No.5 Internal Linking

Internal linking allows the users to access other material that you exist in your blog/website related to the post. That is the good practice regarding on-page search engine optimization as well.
Note: Use the relevant links only.
Another factor: Also, provide the links of some reliable websites like Wikipedia or any other .gov or .edu websites or the websites that hold the post on the similar topic. It shows that you really want to help the readers and it scores great in search engine ranking as well.

No.6: Post's Description

It is important to make a little description about your post that explains for what purpose, the user should read your post or what type of information, your post exists. Blogspot provides the feature by default. You can set the descriptions using that feature to every post. If you are using another web-builder, you can try meta tags. Use your keywords in the description as well.
<meta content="your post description here" name="description"/>
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No.7: Author's details

There should be the author's details at the end of every post. If you don't have any widget, at least, you should add the link to your profile like Google+, Facebook etc. That is appreciated regarding on-page SEO factor.

No.8: Related posts links

The post may contain more than one topic. If you hold the posts on every other related topic, you should mention that below the post. It allows the users to explore some additional information by browsing that related links.

No.9 Next/Previous post links

Imagine, the user has rendered your informative post and now he is looking for another informative post on another unique topic to read, you can facilitate him by using the section, that holds the links towards the previous or next post.
Another Factor: By that way, you allow the new post to be indexed by crawlers as the crawlers find the link there.

No.10: Comment section and Social media sharing buttons

At the end of every post. You should allow the users to leave their valued reviews regarding your post. That may cause thankfulness. You can get the suggestions from the users regarding the post topic through their comments. Also, use the social media sharing buttons and encourage the users to share the post on their social media profiles. That may cause more traffic for your post as well.

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