Initial view of Ad Networks

In that article, we will try to understand, actually, what does it mean by "Advertisement on the Internet" and how it started.
The aspect of promoting any type of service or product by using any resource or platform is Advertisement. Use of Internet as the platform for that aspect is "Advertisement on the Internet".

The Internet is the good place to promote business

It is quite interesting to know, according to ITU (Internet Telecommunication Union), about 3-billion people from all over the world are using the Internet daily. Users browse different websites and blogs, read the articles , watch videos, perform different tasks, use some tools and much more stuff that internet provides them. It provides the best opportunity to Business Owners too. They can promote their products and services on the Internet through different websites and blogs that the billions of users browse daily.
The Web Owner can earn the money by publishing their Ads on his website. That is the simple logic actually.
I would like to define that aspect further below:

Initial hurdles for Publishers

That was not so easy to earn money by Advertising Products on the website for Publishers. There was not a particular platform through which they could get ads for their websites. They used to meet different Companies and Businesspersons to get their product's or service's ads. That was the pretty difficult task. There was the requirement of such an "Idea" to summarize that program for a Publisher and Businessperson so they both get able to contact each other easily.

Idea of Ad Network

The issue was resolved by the foundation of Ad networks. The Ad network built a connection between the Publishers and Advertisers. That provides the platform to the Publishers as well as the Advertisers to make contact with each other. The Idea of a particular Ad Network was awesome at that time and still it is remarkable.

How Ad networks interact with Publishers and Advertisers?

The purpose of Ad networks is to interact with "Advertisers" as well as "Publishers". The publishers contact to the different Ad networks and request for Ads which they want to publish on their websites where the millions of Users consult with the ads alongside their needed stuff. Similarly, the advertisers request to Ad Networks that they pass the ads to Publishers for the promotion of their products and services. Advertisers pay the defined fee for that to Ad networks and Ad networks will that fee to "Publishers" after carrying a fixed commission percentage. That is the brief description that holds the simple logic behind the purpose of Ad Networks.


Hope that the above brief description will help to make your concepts clear about the purpose of Ad Networks and the connection between Ad networks, Publishers and Advertisers.